1. Lullaby

From the recording Waves of Silence

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The moon is like a melon in the summer sky
Ripe and round and rising in the night
Humid heat’s trapped panting underneath our roof
We might not sleep tonight but close your eyes

At seven you’re delightful you’re hysterical
Missing teeth a chatterbox a clown
And when you sleep your eyes are full of fairy tales
You’re a believer still please go to sleep

You tell me ten’s too old now for a lullaby
You read your books by flashlight in the night
And sometimes when you forget you still hold my hand
But never mind that now please go to sleep

Sometimes when I lie here in this quiet heat
I feel the gentle rhythm of your life
I breathe in and out along with you to put my soul at ease
And find a quiet place to rest my mind so I can sleep

The moon hangs like a pearl in the midnight sky
The curtains pull and blow out from their frames
And all the world is peaceful far as I can see
Will I miss too much if I go to sleep?
I might just miss too much if I go to sleep