"Look out Dar Williams and Catie Curtis. . ." - Dirty Linen

"Carolyn Currie is an incredible songwriter with a unique voice that sets her apart from her contemporaries . . . in our opinion, Carolyn is simply a stunning artist." - Circular Records

"Be prepared to experience insight, reflection, humor and beauty. Currie's distinctive voice weaves through your thoughts, binding itself permanently to the fabric of your brain. Her music is utterly spellbinding. Just try concentrating on something else, I dare you." - femme musique

The Album (Echolocation) is beautifully nuanced both lyrically and musically.  I like the focus and commitment of the vocal delivery; (the) softly warm intimacy.  This allows the listener to be seduced into (the) vision(s) of human relationships and interactions and draws one in subtly rather than being held at arm's length. The songs seem like they could be part and parcel of each other but they also stand on their own and are imbued with insightfulness into the coursing of the heart in all its myriad manifestations. There are lovely musical and emotional shading in (the) poetic images of love and loss, escape and redemption and most especially the complexity that lies at the core of our existence.  

Musically all the players contributions are exemplary.  There isn’t a wasted or egoistic note.  Instead each player seems to intuitively shape the musical foundations of each song just the right emotional weight and veracity.  I loved the architecture of the string playing and the way the percussion led some of the songs and complimented the story line, particularly on Darkness. Other stand-out tracks for me were the richly metaphorical Echolocation, and Heart Like A Rose. My favorite line though was in February Morning “….. eyes would track me hungry as I moved…” I was intrigued that the word chosen was track rather than follow and what that meant in the dynamics of the relationship.   Old Song for some reason struck me in the same manner that many John Prine songs do with his sharply focused observational genius in dissecting the human condition.    

All in all a gorgeously beautiful album and I think I will feature it on my radio program this Sunday. - John Hammel: Home Grown Radio NJ ( 

Waves of Silence is filled with quiet but powerful energy and insight. All of these songs are well constructed and beautifully performed and produced. Several of them stand out as amazing examples of songwriting inspiration, arrangement, and musicianship." - Bob McKillop

I own a new age shop and get new age shop and get dozens of CD demos. Many are very good, but only once in a blue moon do I get one that knocks my socks off. Kiss of Ghosts did just this. The CD is truly mesmerizing. Carolyn's voice is just wonderful, sweet but now fragile, full of emotion. The imagery she paints with her lyrics transports me. . . I have run the whole gamut of emotion listening to this CD, empowered, vengeful, reminiscent, and charmed. She is a masterful writer." - Cindy, The New Millennium

Currie has a sure voice that steadily relates to each and every person it touches with an exceptional confidence that tattles away tales that we've all experienced. Her songs, while fragile, have a sort of underlying fierce determination that demands to be heard and refracts the light tones perfectly. Utterly outstanding." -J-Sin,

Carolyn. . . has recently released Kiss of Ghosts, her third album. Her enchanting voice, evocative melodies and hauntingly moving lyrics make this one of the finest singer-songwriter records to have come my way this past twelve months. There is a strong Celtic feel on some of the tracks, due in no small part to the inventive use of penny whistle, acoustic guitars, cello, fiddle and accordion, not to mention the ethereal harmonies that easily draw comparisons to Enya; though Carolyn has quite a different sound and approach than the Irish singer. For starters, Carolyn's lyrics are much more open, so that the listener can connect with the emotional punch like the unrequited love of Swallowing Stones. A gorgeous little record well worth seeking out." - Maverick Magazine

Currie's solid, wistful voice lends a refreshing attitude to folk rock. . .her poetic lyrics linger and the stories told leave a smile on your face and contemplation in your hear." - Victory Review

The ghosts spoken of in these songs are the kind of memory and longing, but they're not sad or sappy. I want to write "crystalline," but I don't want you to read it as "wimpy." This is a strong woman, refined but passionate. I can't speak for Nathaniel Hawthorne, you know? But I think he would like this music as much as I do." - Bonny Holder, Rockzillaworld Magazine