From the recording Echolocation

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Heart Like a Rose

Tell me your secrets
Lead me down streets that wind through the darkness
Talk of your shadows chilling faint strangers that follow you
Recount your loves for me
Laughing clear women who dance all around you
And speak of your loneliness
Holding your heart in your hands like a rose

Paint me in silver tears
Like diamonds that sing in the moonlight
Scatter your words all around us
And sweep them together and show me the depths of your story.

Step into my loneliness
Push back the cobwebs a veil all around me
Look for the flowers hiding in corners
That still hold the warmth
Search for the answers that lie in the backs of my eyes
And take up my heart that I hold in my hands like a rose

Bathe me in laughter
Like water rushing clear sparks in the sunshine
Dance in the moment when it all comes together
And the threads of our stories entangle

Fragile the rose fragile a heart fragile the faintest of memories
Straining to hear me straining to see me a spectral thin spirit almost forgotten
Almost gone

Tell me your secrets
I give you my heart that I hold in my hands like a rose