1. Epiphany

From the recording Kiss of Ghosts

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Push all the wind out of my soul
Make sure that I am the one in control
Hold me tight with my strong arms
Shaking myself stand like a rail
Refusing to hold up my hand for the nail
Don’t ask don’t act like you never thought this would come

And peace peace will finally come to me now
Washing like water cooling the fire
Smoothing the edge of consuming desire
I am taller than I’ve ever been before
Brighter than you’ll ever see
Willing to take on the weight of the world
Brave enough to just be
And peace peace will finally come to me now

Walking away from the abyss
Silly to take such a fall for a kiss
Pull my voice back holding my echoes inside
Don’t need to look back don’t bother to cry
I’ve done this for both of us most of my life
My eyes are dry I’m standing here in the light

And peace peace will finally come to me now
I am taller than you’ve ever dreamed about
Brighter than you’ll ever be
Willing to open my eyes to the world
Brave enough to know what I see
And peace peace will finally come to me now

I have the weight of my thoughts in my eyes
And I’ll hold it and own it for all of my life
I’ll breathe in the heat and I’ll take up my space
And I’ll walk in the sunshine live in the world and dance
I’m letting this go open my hand
Watching you flow through my fingers like sand
Falling drifting taking the grit from my life

And peace peace
I am taller than I ever thought I’d be
So bright I might just make you blind
Willing to sleep without fear in my back
Brave enough to leave you behind
For peace peace . . . .